Dating in the Land of Apps: Showcasing the Best You

With Valentine’s Day in full swing, love and dating are likely to be on your mind. It seems like the Austin dating scene has been overrun by apps. There is essentially an app or dating site for any and everyone looking for love, and we all know Austin loves apps. In fact one of the first “Women-first” dating apps, Bumble was started right here in Austin by one of Tinder’s co-founders.

Online dating may still seem a little taboo but between 2005 and 2012, 35% of married people met their spouses online according to a University of Chicago Study.With a pretty even male to female population of young, educated singles, it’s no wonder Austin ranks high on most “best cities for singles” lists. It ranks #2 on Marie Claire’s list of best cities for single women (yay us!). So how do you make the most of this dating pool online? You optimize your profile. We’ve done the research to help you showcase your best self online!

Online dating is a lot (it is) marketing. You are marketing yourself to all the singles out there. In any marketing class you learn that the first step in any campaign is to figure out your target audience. What type of partner do you want and more importantly what do they want? If you want to attract someone smart and put together you should show that you’re smart and put together. “When you are in control and think through what you post what you share with others, then you have more control over that energy that you’re bring back to you,” says online dating expert, Devyn Simone, of TLC’s Love at First SwipeContinue reading →

Dating Apps: A Guide

As discussed in a recent post, technology is changing the way we do everyday things. Dating is one of those things. Austin is a city whose dating culture is very app-focused. Considering how many people are developing apps here, it’s no wonder.

For those of you not in-the-know of all the latest dating app trends, enjoy this handy-dandy guide explaining them all to you. (Disclaimer: I have not personally used most of these apps, just gathered intel from friends or the internet. Let me know if I got anything wrong).

The first domino: TINDER 🔥

If you’ve read my blog before, you may be familiar with Tinder and its advertising potential. Tinder is the app that really started the whole dating app craze. The app shows you potential dates based on location + preferences you set (age, range, sex). You then swipe left (no) or right (yes). If you both swipe right you are matched + can message each other. It’s pretty simple.

Lady-friendly: BUMBLE 🐝

Bumble is built similarly to Tinder. Before Tinder updated, Bumble was one of the few apps to show you education + job information. You swipe on Bumble just like with Tinder but for this app, the woman has to message first. If she doesn’t message within 24 hours, the match expires + disappears. They also have A VIBee program. Bonus: Bumble is headquartered in Austin. Continue reading →

Using Sex to Sell in the Tinder Age

In my Emerging Media course this week, we have been discussing how advertisers use digital media. Whether through banner ads,  emails, corporate websites, or social media advertising, the internet is full of ads. I recently noticed news around in app ads being served in Tinder. Ads in apps are not new, just look at Words with Friends or Pandora, but in a dating app, they are kind of revolutionary.

Photo Cred: Contently

Photo Cred: Contently

If you’re familiar with Tinder, then you know that it is an app predominantly used by millennials as a dating/hook up app. In the last year, however the app began serving advertisements to its users. The ads were images primarily from non-profits and TV shows. The ads, like the profiles served, allow you to swipe right or left at any time. If you matched with the advertiser an were given additional information.

In April, video ads were launched. The first video ads were for Bud Light #UpForWhatever. Other advertisers included upcoming movies + Domino’s.

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If the Friends Gang Was on Tinder

If you were somehow unaware, my all time favorite TV show Friends. I’ve used the characters to give grammar tips + drawn from their career advice. Life when Friends was not in re-runs is almost foreign to me. No social media, no cell phones (in the beginning) + no online dating.

Dating in 2015 is very different from dating in 1996. I don’t know about you, but my friends and I don’t sit around at coffee shops making conversations with strangers. Maybe we should. Maybe life was more simple and dating was not so vague. Modern romance is so complicated that Aziz Ansari wrote an entire book about dating in the Tinder age.

All this postulation made me wonder what Monica, Ross, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, and Chandler might put on their Tinder profiles. Because I wondered, you don’t have to: Friends Tinder profiles circa the best season, season three.

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Social Media Through Pizza

Photo courtesy of SocialMedia Examiner

Photo courtesy of SocialMedia Examiner

Social media is a huge force in today’s world. There are so many different platforms you may not know what exactly each one does. I choose some of the most popular platforms and explained how you can use them through pizza (who doesn’t love pizza).

Twitter– Look, its pizza! [insert pizza emoji] #nom

Facebook– I like pizza.  Continue reading →