Too Many Cooks in Your Social Media Kitchen

We all know the saying, it takes a village. And when it comes to the success of social media, that definitely rings true. When it comes to the management of social media, however, that is not always the case. With any time of writing, having multiple sets of eyes can help create content become even better, but at a certain point too many eyes, and more importantly, too many mouths, make managing social harder.

Working with clients see this a lot. As an agency or freelancer, you are representing someone else’s business; that is a lot of control for a company to let go. They are trusting you to essentially be the voice of their brand. With more and more people making social media their first point of contact with a brand, this job has never had higher stakes. For this reason, many companies and marketing managers want more control over the image you’re putting out. They want input. Maybe they even want their own people to push out posts as well. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with that, until it starts impacting the way you do your job. Having too many hands in the social media pot can turn you perfectly balanced dinner into a mess. Too many cooks can cause a few issues to your social media meal: Continue reading →

How Small Businesses Can Get Social

Social media is an expensive (even free) tool that businesses can use to reach potential customers. The number of people on social media growing everyday. Over 71% adults in 2014 were on at least one social media platform. For small businesses, social media is a great way to build brand loyalty and increase awareness. When getting started as a small business on social media, there are a few things to consider.

Choosing Channels

When starting out on social media, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself by getting on too many channels. It is best to start off with one or two. The networks you choose will depend on your business and needs. For small businesses, Facebook is the number one platform.

Twitter is typically the next network chosen by a small business, especially if your business is B2B. If your business is highly visual, Instagram may be a good option. Instagram allows you share images but is not great for links.

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Photo Cred: Tech XB

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