Beginner’s Guide to Focus Groups

Focus groups are a great weapon to have in you research arsenal. They are a great way to gather in-depth perception about your brand and get feedback on new ideas. I recently conducted a focus group as part of my IMC Campaigns course discussing my communication strategy and goals for my final project. Focus groups are an underutilized method because they seem complicated, however they are easier to conduct than you think.

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Because my target audience was millennials in my hometown, I was able to create a Facebook group and reach out to my friends and former classmates. However, if I was looking a different audience, I would have started outreach on social media and create an event page on a website like Eventbrite. Using a focus group facility/agency is one (pricier) way to insure you get the correct audience. Be sure to screen your group members before to ensure they meet their requirements. You want 8-12 people to participate in order to have a variety of opinions and create conversation. When hosting a focus group providing an incentive like a Starbucks gift card, free meal, or something else of monetary value for participants. Continue reading →

A Comic and a PR Pro Walk into a Bar

Who doesn’t love a good joke? Stand up comedy is all about making people laugh. You may be thinking, what could stand up comedy and public relations have in common? The answer: more than you think. Several¬†skills that are necessary for successes in comedy are also necessary for public relations professionals.

  • Public speaking: Being a good public speaker is essential to being a comic. If you can’t stand up in front of people, then you can’t really be a stand up comic. The same is to for PR. If you muddle your words and stutter in front of a client you are pitching, they won’t have confidence in your abilities to represent them.
  • Networking: People say, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Having good relationships with other comics and booking managers is important to getting selected for shows and other opportunities. In PR, having a good relationship with a journalist can get you published over someone else. Your network can also help you secure a position you may not have otherwise known about or had access to.
  • Writing: To be a comic, you have to tell jokes. To be a comic that everyone doesn’t hate, you have to tell your own jokes. Comics spend hours upon hours just perfecting one joke. In PR you may only have one hour to get that press release out but that doesn’t mean it can be of poor quality. Without strong writing skills, you cannot get very far in this profession.
    Chelsea Handler's books courtesy Talk Supe

    Chelsea Handler’s books courtesy Talk Super

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