2017: The Year of More

We have officially survived 2016. It was a pretty rough year, let’s all be honest, but we made it through. In 2016, I strove to say yes to more things and to be more positive. I’m not entirely certain I fully accomplished it, but I think I did pretty well. This year I am going with a similar, abstract theme for my resolution (and one concrete goal, too). In 2017, I plan to focus on one guiding principle: more. While vague in nature, I will be asking more of myself and my life in 2017. I have created a few different areas and which I hope to “more.”

If you have been following me recently, you will have noticed my monthly goals. This “more” concept will be replacing my old goal system and bring in a few more areas. This focus will help me grow all the areas of my life in an all-encompassing way.

  • Be More: These are my wellness and self-care goals. They’ll tackle everything from hydration and sleep to working out and taking care of my body, soul, and mind.
  • Develop More: These are my career and professional goals. I’ll spend time very month growing myself as a social strategist, writer, and networker.
  • Learn More: This is my monthly trivia goal! One of my favorite parts of 2016; it’s here to stay.
  • Try More: Like 2016, I want to keep saying yes and experiencing new things every month. This could be a new cuisine, work out class, activity, etc.
  • Read More: I was all about books this Christmas. It has been a while since I was a big reader (probably middle school). I hope to awaken that part of me in 2017 and read at least 12 books.
  • Cook More: A few of those Christmas books were some great cookbooks. This year, I hope to expand my culinary skills and master new recipes. I’ll be taking a cooking course in January to help push this goal.
  • Give More: Registering people to vote and collecting cans at Friendsgiving were two of the most rewarding parts of my year. I want to give back even more this year! The world definitely could use it.
  • Do More: 2017 is going to be the year I get more hobbies so I don’t have to say, “I work and watch a lot of TV.” When someone asks what I do for fun. Defined hobbies, here I come.
  • See More: I watch a lot of reruns, y’all. I want to add a little more culture to my life by watching more “must-see” movies. Any suggestions?
  • Hygge More: Hygge is a Danish word that means, in essence, “creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.” Each month this year, I will focus on a part of my home/environment to add a little more hygge to.

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November Goals


October was a really fun month! I kicked it off with my college roommate’s wedding in North Carolina, went to Austin City Limits, made a trip back home, started my last semester of grad school, and rung in the end of the month with Halloween. The holiday season is quickly approaching which means so is the end of the year. It’s time to get busy. Here’s what I am getting into this month:

  1. Get to chatting. My work goal for this month is to get back in to the Twitter chats I used to be involved with. I’m sure #AdWeekChat has missed me 😉.
  2. Learn a new recipe. In the spirit of Thanksgiving this month, I want to learn a new Thanksgiving recipe. I think it may be corn casserole but time will tell.
  3. Get those steps in. My goal is only 5,000 a day so it is pretty doable. Looks like I’ll be doing some laps around my complex.
  4. Learn some trivia. The election is days away, I’m so nervous y’all. Anyway, in honor of us electing a new President I should learn the other 43 (in order) and the US state capitals. Bonus points for learning political parties of the presidents.
  5. Create an evening routine. Now that I have my skin care routine down (and I hard wake up time), it’s time to integrate other steps to get me in the mind-set of sleep.
  6. Finish Duolingo. I’ve got to get it done with an extra 30 days, right?
  7. Hydrate. Now that I’ve replaced one drink a day, I hope to meet the minimum goal of 64oz per day. I just got a new water bottle from Target with an infusion compartment so hello fancy office water. Today’s special: strawberry cucumber. Share your combos if you have any good ones!
  8. Collect can goods. For my community goal this month I want to collect cans for a local food drive. And not just with me. I’m going to work with others to get donations up.

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October Goals


It’s month three of sharing my mini-goals, and I have to say, so far so good. Last month, I had a pretty ambitious plan for what I was going to get done, maybe a little too ambitious considering I had to travel for a bachelorette party and a wedding as well as interviewing in order to complete goal one (see below if I did or not). As I start some new adventures this month (repping Lady ATX at ACL and some exciting work prospects), I think I’m going to make my to-do list a little more manageable. Let’s see what I’m getting into this month:

  1. Get collaborative. My work with Lady ATX is on fire right now. This month I want to work with some other writers or photographers to put out some cool work.
  2. Finish Lean In. I’ve been working on this book for a longggg time. It’s time to finally get it read.
  3. Work out more. On that note, I need to make a point to work out at least 3 times per week.
  4. This month’s trivia: Learn all the major league sports teams (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS). Bonus points if I learn all the NFL starting quarterbacks.
  5. Try a new work out class. Now that I’m invested in pilates, let’s shake it up with another type of work out.
  6. Solidify a skin care routine. Part of my new mission of self-care is to start taking better care of my skin.
  7. Finish Duolingo Italian. I’m so close!
  8. Hydrate. This goal has been pretty vague so now I want to replace one drink a day with water + what I have already built on.
  9. Virtually volunteer. I’ll be pretty busy this month so I’ll look for opportunities to help out through looking at resumes for college students, giving social media advice to a non-profit, or even writing letters to soldiers overseas. Send me any ideas or opportunities you may have.

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September Goals


Well, August has come and gone. My first month of working on mini-goals is over and it went alright. I may have forgotten about them a few times but all in all  I didn’t do too badly. On to my September goals. Some of them are leftovers from last month but I will hopefully beat them this month!

  1. Find a new position or client I am super passionate about. Career goals defined, let’s do this.
  2. Get my Calligraphy on. I have all the supplies and love seeing other people’s work, hopefully I can find my talent this month.
  3. Find a pilates studio. I’ve got the Groupon so all I need to do is go.
  4. Learn some new trivia: Let’s go with the capitals of every European country.
  5. Create a self-care routine. BOLO for an article about this soon for Lady ATX Mag.
  6. Hit 2 more Duolingo check points. Facciamolo!
  7. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. My body desperately wants water.
  8. Get back to volunteering. Somewhere, anywhere. I used to volunteer at APA and would love to get back to playing with those pups.

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August Goals

IMG_4689I’ve set a lot of goals this year, but they are all pretty long-term and overarching. A friend of mine, Chelsea, does this amazing thing where she sets a few attainable goals every month and I am jumping on her bandwagon. Not only does she blog her monthly goals, she also gives a real honest account of if she attained them or not. Her goals cover all different area of her life and I think that makes it all the more fun. Here’s what I hope to get into this August:

  1. Better define career goals. As I transition away from freelancing and into a more traditional work environment, I need to evaluate what I want in not just a position, but in a company.
  2. Take on a new hobby. It’s time I finally pull out the calligraphy supplies I bought and at least attempt to master the craft.
  3. Get back into Pilates. I loved Pilates in college. It’s time I got into the grove and found a studio home in Austin.
  4. Master a new recipe. I’ve been cooking so much more in my new place but I want to learn a new and maybe more bold recipe this month to get in touch with my inner Julia.
  5. Learn some new trivia. In honor of August 9th being Veep Day, I want to try to learn not only the presidential succession (at least the top 10), but also exactly what the cabinet members do.
  6. Work on my fear of flying. Next month I’ll be flying to Charlotte for my sweet Sammy’s bachelorette weekend.
  7. Hit another check point in Duolingo Italian. I have been seriously slacking on Italian the past month. Time to get back on the horse.
  8. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Since my visit home in early July I lost the progress I was making with building my habit of drinking enough water. I’m aiming for 80 ounces a day.

Wish me luck on my goals! I’ll be sharing an update with you all in about 31 days!

My 2015 Resolutions

I’m a little late in the game solidifying my New Year’s Resolutions- my move and transition in Austin got in the way.  BUT, now that I am all settled, it is time to get down to business.

My new employer has everyone on staff come up with a word to guide them for the year. My word is embrace. With so much change happening in my life I want to embrace every opportunity I have to grow. If you have a word, join our twitter chat on Wednesday January 21 at 2PM  #INKThink!

I also followed Lauren Conrad’s 2014 resolution structure to make a few more goals for the new year.

Photo Cred: Lauren Conrad

Photo Cred: Lauren Conrad

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