Too Many Cooks in Your Social Media Kitchen

We all know the saying, it takes a village. And when it comes to the success of social media, that definitely rings true. When it comes to the management of social media, however, that is not always the case. With any time of writing, having multiple sets of eyes can help create content become even better, but at a certain point too many eyes, and more importantly, too many mouths, make managing social harder.

Working with clients see this a lot. As an agency or freelancer, you are representing someone else’s business; that is a lot of control for a company to let go. They are trusting you to essentially be the voice of their brand. With more and more people making social media their first point of contact with a brand, this job has never had higher stakes. For this reason, many companies and marketing managers want more control over the image you’re putting out. They want input. Maybe they even want their own people to push out posts as well. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with that, until it starts impacting the way you do your job. Having too many hands in the social media pot can turn you perfectly balanced dinner into a mess. Too many cooks can cause a few issues to your social media meal: Continue reading →

Why You Should Embrace Your Inner Monica Geller

It’s been a while since I made a Friends post + I know y’all have missed them. We’ve talked wedding hashtags, online dating, grammar, + career advice. In my last loosely Friends-inspired post, I discussed what I thought I would do had I been born in the height of the Friends gang. (Spoiler: the answer is lost). I definitely wouldn’t have the career my Friends counterpart, Monica, has. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty both you + I can learn from the her.

Stand up for yourself. 

Monica was never the victim; she was firm. You might even say she was a little scary. After being tormented as a kid for being fat, Monica grew a thick skin. She was never one to let others push her around or make her change her beliefs or goals. She didn’t care what people may have thought. She was going to do her and that was that. I’m aiming for the same thing in 2016.

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Who Would You Be in 1995?

We all know that I am a big fan of Friends. In a few of my posts, I have wondered what it would be like if the cast had lived in 2015. I postulated their online dating behavior and which wedding hashtags they might use. But as I watched Friends last night I wondered, who I’d be back then.

Image via Giphy

Image via Giphy

I was an infant when Friends first aired and in the fourth grade when they had their finale. But what if I had been born 20 years early? I think this is a pretty interesting question for anyone in my field. Social media didn’t exist in 1995. The wasn’t even open for public use until 1991. With no social media or internet for that matter, my job would lack all the things I love about it.

In this spirit, I’ve done some thinking about what jobs I think would have suited me had I been 23 in 1993. Here is what I came up with: Continue reading →

Wedding Hashtag Madness (FRIENDS Style)

I love weddings. I love social media. So, it should come as no surprise that I am way into wedding hashtags. I’m not the only one. Since the first wedding hashtag was (possibly) created in 2009, social media savvy brides have spent hours brainstorming with their friends on the perfect hashtag to capture their wedding planning process from proposal to honeymoon.

The wedding industry brings in a reported $55 billion every year. Though there isn’t any specific data out there, experts believe that wedding hashtags have added to this market. Couples buy all kinds of product and print items displaying their unique hashtag. Some services charge up to $400 for cards featuring the hashtags.

Photo Cred: Bustle

Photo Cred: Bustle

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If the Friends Gang Was on Tinder

If you were somehow unaware, my all time favorite TV show Friends. I’ve used the characters to give grammar tips + drawn from their career advice. Life when Friends was not in re-runs is almost foreign to me. No social media, no cell phones (in the beginning) + no online dating.

Dating in 2015 is very different from dating in 1996. I don’t know about you, but my friends and I don’t sit around at coffee shops making conversations with strangers. Maybe we should. Maybe life was more simple and dating was not so vague. Modern romance is so complicated that Aziz Ansari wrote an entire book about dating in the Tinder age.

All this postulation made me wonder what Monica, Ross, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, and Chandler might put on their Tinder profiles. Because I wondered, you don’t have to: Friends Tinder profiles circa the best season, season three.

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You’ve Got A Friend In Me (Adulting Chapter Eight)

Chapter eight of Adulting is about friendship and a tiny bit about neighbors. This chapter is especially scary for me. Brown opens this chapter talking about how much harder it is to make friends as you get older. As someone on the brink of graduation and moving to a new city, this is a reality I am about to face. Here are some highlights of what chapter eight offers.


One of my best friends at college. I have no doubt that we will be friends for many years to come.

Step 287: Assess honestly your own friendship needs and wants. Understand how much time you want to put into friendships. If you don’t have a lot of time or interest then you should stick more to cultivating a few good friendships and have more acquaintances rather than trying to bond strongly with 10 people. Continue reading →

Career Advice From Friends

Anyone who knows me is aware that Friends is my favorite TV show. I watch it almost daily. I don’t just watch it for the punch lines, I watch it because I can find it easy to relate to + because I think it can offer some sage advice. The characters on the show go through many career + personal changes throughout their 10 season run. From it, I have gathered some great career wisdom, from all six characters, that I think we should all keep in mind.

Rachel: Proof Reading + Keeping Up with Contacts

When Rachel is trying to break into the fashion world, she makes the mistake of sending out hundreds of resumes stating she has “compuper skills.” Unlike the resume incident, Rachel’s networking goes much more smoothly. Mark, her coworker from Bloomingdale’s whom she remained friends with, is the one who sets her up an interview at Luis Vutton in Paris- a job she lands. Even years later, she is utilizing her contacts to get a head.

Photo courtesy of Head Over Feels

Make sure you always proof read. Even after you have a great job, maintain your network because you never know when you’ll have to start looking, again. Continue reading →

Grammar with Friends

If I’m being honest, grammar is not the strongest component of my writing. I have gotten much better at grammatical correctness throughout college but there are still certain rules that manage to trip me up. Here is the list of 5 grammatical errors I always have to look up. I’m using Friends examples to spice it up a little.

  • Commas: I am always afraid I am using them incorrectly. The rule of thumb I have learned is if the sentence can live without it, throw in a comma. Richard, Monica’s ex-boyfriend, is an ophthalmologist. The ex-boyfriend part of the sentence isn’t necessary for it to be complete.  Then there is that whole Oxford Comma debate. My manager at work has recently converted me to #TeamComma. The Oxford Comma makes logical sense. In the examples below, if there wasn’t a common it would sound like Rachel one of the place Pete donated to was a hospital/animal shelter. Rachel has worked at Central Perk, Bloomingdale’s, + Ralph Lauren. Pete donates money to children’s charities, hospitals, + animal shelters. 

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