Dating in the Land of Apps: Showcasing the Best You

With Valentine’s Day in full swing, love and dating are likely to be on your mind. It seems like the Austin dating scene has been overrun by apps. There is essentially an app or dating site for any and everyone looking for love, and we all know Austin loves apps. In fact one of the first “Women-first” dating apps, Bumble was started right here in Austin by one of Tinder’s co-founders.

Online dating may still seem a little taboo but between 2005 and 2012, 35% of married people met their spouses online according to a University of Chicago Study.With a pretty even male to female population of young, educated singles, it’s no wonder Austin ranks high on most “best cities for singles” lists. It ranks #2 on Marie Claire’s list of best cities for single women (yay us!). So how do you make the most of this dating pool online? You optimize your profile. We’ve done the research to help you showcase your best self online!

Online dating is a lot (it is) marketing. You are marketing yourself to all the singles out there. In any marketing class you learn that the first step in any campaign is to figure out your target audience. What type of partner do you want and more importantly what do they want? If you want to attract someone smart and put together you should show that you’re smart and put together. “When you are in control and think through what you post what you share with others, then you have more control over that energy that you’re bring back to you,” says online dating expert, Devyn Simone, of TLC’s Love at First SwipeContinue reading →

Dating Dynamo (Adulting Chapter Nine)

Now that we’ve covered falling in and out of love, it’s time to get to the good stuff. The middle section of chapter nine is about being in a relationship. Relationships are hard work but they pay off huge dividends. Here are Brown’s tips on dating and being in love.

Step 347: Try to go on at least a couple of actual dates. My absolute favorite “date night” is ordering in pizza and watching a movie cuddled up on the couch. However, when dating someone new, hanging out on the couch isn’t really the most comfortable way to get to know someone. Dates don’t have to be expensive, they can be grabbing coffee or walking around a park.

Step 353: Don’t assume you’re dating exclusively unless there’s been a discussion. I’ve heard it said that women underestimate how much men like them and men overestimate how much women like them. I have definitely seen this play out. You should definitely clear this issue up if you’re serious about one another. Bonus tip: Exclusive ≠ in a relationship. Even if you’ve had the exclusive talk you still need to DTR at some point.

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Such a Silly Game We Play (Adulting Chapter Nine)

And love…Such a silly game we play, oh, Like a summer’s day in May. What is love, what is love? I just want it to be love.

– Matt White, “Love”

Chapter nine of Adulting is all about love. Brown has 61 tips on love so it was hard to pick my favorite. I’m going to be splitting this chapter into two parts. Part one is about the wonderful part in between: love.

Step 327: Accept that heartbreak is inevitable, and realize that the only way to be a full human being is to experience it at least once. I remember going through my first major break up; I was beyond devastated. I remember talking to my mom about it afterward and wondering why people would ever fall in love again after going through such pain. Eventually, you realize the world isn’t ending and you will love again.

Step 330 and 331: Be cool about being single. Learn to enjoy your own company. Loving yourself is one of the most important parts of loving someone else. If you don’t know how to love you, how do you know how to love another. I’m not saying you must have Kanye West level self-esteem, but you can love yourself despite your insecurities.

Courtesy: The Mary Sue

Courtesy: The Mary Sue

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