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A social media strategist looks at all aspects of a company and industry and creates an adaptive plan to help a company shape their social footprint.

A community manager puts a social strategy into action and manages the day-to-day of content, including paid social media.

I work in both capacities. Whether you need someone to give you direction, or just do it for you. I work with clients in a variety of industries from pet services to technology. From start ups to established companies, I manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts.

Specialty Areas





Start Ups




Austin has lively and growing hospitality industry of bars, restaurants, and hotels. Reaching out to locals as well as tourist is an important part of hospitality community management. Aside from current clients, I also worked on the Austin JW Marriott property and it’s three restaurants while at Social Distillery.

Social media is especially crucial when a company is in their start up phase. This is an important time for a to establish themselves on social media and grow a following. The larger audience base a company has organically, the better results they will see when 1) crowdfunding, 2) advertising on social media, or 3) release new products or services. Companies in the start up phase have much more flexibility on adopting their social strategy and persona.

Aside from work with my established clients, I also work on social media campaigns for a crowdfunding strategist. These 8 to 10 week campaigns take companies from pre-launch all the way to the completion of their projects. I have worked with companies crowdfunding fitness, tech, and arts projects.

Community management clients can be billed hourly or by a monthly retainer. Hourly clients can expect to be billed for content creation (social and graphic) and reporting. I do provide a social strategy for free when clients first sign on for one year. The monthly retainer includes every day content creation,  light graphic design work,  monthly and yearly reporting , as well as an initial social strategy. Price varies depending on number of channels and chosen services.

Paid Social Media

In both the crowdfunding and non-crowdfunding space, I have worked with clients to achieve social media goals through social media advertising, particularly Facebook and Twitter. I have worked with a range of budgets and seen great results. The most common types of paid social campaigns I run are Like Campaigns, Boosted Post/Engagement Campaigns, and Website Conversion Campaigns.

The type of campaign or combination of campaigns used depends on the clients end goal. Paid social is an integral part of any crowdfunding campaign but can also be used to build organic audiences, increase engagement, and to spread awareness about an event. Budgets of even $20 can see results through social media advertising.

If you are interested in my help in the social media space, let’s connect and see how I can help your brand grow. You can also get more information on my strategy offerings.


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