My Skimmformation

katherine-02-1It’s not Tuesday, but I want to tell you about a transformation I have seen in myself over the past 2 years. Two years ago Katherine was finishing up her last semester of college (seems like yesterday), working full-time at her internship, and heading up a student-run PR firm, all while figuring out her first post-collegiate move. She was pretty busy to say the least. During this time, she subscribed to TheSkimm to help keep her up to date on current events.

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to be informed. I am constantly trying to better myself through education both formal and informal (nine weeks to go for that Master’s degree). Current events were an area I was seriously lacking. There is so much happening in our world it is hard to follow it all. Enter TheSkimm. This condensed version of notable current events helped transform 2014 into the woman I am today: one who knows her stuff and can defend her position. Continue reading →

October Goals


It’s month three of sharing my mini-goals, and I have to say, so far so good. Last month, I had a pretty ambitious plan for what I was going to get done, maybe a little too ambitious considering I had to travel for a bachelorette party and a wedding as well as interviewing in order to complete goal one (see below if I did or not). As I start some new adventures this month (repping Lady ATX at ACL and some exciting work prospects), I think I’m going to make my to-do list a little more manageable. Let’s see what I’m getting into this month:

  1. Get collaborative. My work with Lady ATX is on fire right now. This month I want to work with some other writers or photographers to put out some cool work.
  2. Finish Lean In. I’ve been working on this book for a longggg time. It’s time to finally get it read.
  3. Work out more. On that note, I need to make a point to work out at least 3 times per week.
  4. This month’s trivia: Learn all the major league sports teams (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS). Bonus points if I learn all the NFL starting quarterbacks.
  5. Try a new work out class. Now that I’m invested in pilates, let’s shake it up with another type of work out.
  6. Solidify a skin care routine. Part of my new mission of self-care is to start taking better care of my skin.
  7. Finish Duolingo Italian. I’m so close!
  8. Hydrate. This goal has been pretty vague so now I want to replace one drink a day with water + what I have already built on.
  9. Virtually volunteer. I’ll be pretty busy this month so I’ll look for opportunities to help out through looking at resumes for college students, giving social media advice to a non-profit, or even writing letters to soldiers overseas. Send me any ideas or opportunities you may have.

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Politics in the Social Age

Maybe it’s The Skimm or maybe it’s the importance of this election, but this past year, I have gotten much more political. About a year ago, I wrote about how active all the Presidential hopefuls were on social media. We’ve now whittled that long list down to two, who will face off tonight. But this post isn’t about them. This post is about how social media has shaped the way people, particularly millennials take part in the political process.

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-9-42-21-amPoliticians are all over social media today for one simple reason, their constituents (especially millennials) are. Voters are on Facebook; they’re on Twitter. And they want to hear from their representatives. Social media gives them easy access to millions of people. Social media allows them to reach the masses in seconds and to control the message they send out. Unlike Broadcasts, there is no one asking questions. Unlike email, it can’t be deleted without opening. If a politicians send out a message on social media, it will be heard and likely amplified. Continue reading →

So You’re Thinking About Creating A Facebook Group

prqvlfbst1One of the many benefits of social media, is it’s ability to help grow communities. We are now able to connect with people across the globe who have similar interests or characteristics to us. Whether  you’re part of a professional group, brand ambassador program, or members of the same HOA, a Facebook group can be a great place to connect with other people. Moderating a Facebook group may seem cumbersome, but it is much easier than you think, and a great place to gather together your supporters. Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating and moderating your group. Continue reading →

Reality TV Makes Me A Better Person

32phx17fre-1I’ve written before about why we shouldn’t be ashamed of our guilty pleasure shows. But now I’m making an even bolder statement: reality TV shows make me a better person. I know what you’re thinking, “reality TV stars are kind of the worst,” but hear me out. Television is an escape for the life we don’t have. It opens our horizons to lifestyles and cultures we may never be apart of. Every show brings something different to my life. Whether it is a quality to emulate or a warning of who not to be.

Sister Wives and Counting On

Y’all, I love me some Sister Wives. They have an alternative lifestyle but it totally works for their family. Same with Counting On, the show focusing on the older Duggar daughters. I’m the same age, if not older than Jill and Jessa and our lives are in very different places. I love my life, don’t get me wrong. But these two shows open up my mind to realize that not everyone wants to live my lifestyle. Being less judgmental is definitely something I am working on this year. Unfortunately, House Hunters does the opposite (there is a right house to pick). Continue reading →

September Goals


Well, August has come and gone. My first month of working on mini-goals is over and it went alright. I may have forgotten about them a few times but all in all  I didn’t do too badly. On to my September goals. Some of them are leftovers from last month but I will hopefully beat them this month!

  1. Find a new position or client I am super passionate about. Career goals defined, let’s do this.
  2. Get my Calligraphy on. I have all the supplies and love seeing other people’s work, hopefully I can find my talent this month.
  3. Find a pilates studio. I’ve got the Groupon so all I need to do is go.
  4. Learn some new trivia: Let’s go with the capitals of every European country.
  5. Create a self-care routine. BOLO for an article about this soon for Lady ATX Mag.
  6. Hit 2 more Duolingo check points. Facciamolo!
  7. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. My body desperately wants water.
  8. Get back to volunteering. Somewhere, anywhere. I used to volunteer at APA and would love to get back to playing with those pups.

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A Content Rule to Live By

There are a lot of rules out there when it comes to writing. Everyone seems to have different opinions on what readers want and what defines “good” content. By today’s standards, good content is content that  sees the most views. Content that goes viral. The more shares a post receives the better or more important we deem it to be. From that idea, click bait arose.

Image Cred: Jeremey Said

Image Cred: Jeremy Said

Clickbait may get content viewed, but it won’t get it shared. To get content shared, I have always asked myself, “Would I share this?” If the answer is no, then I wouldn’t pursue that topic or angle. However, the more I have learned about audience insights and consumer behavior through my graduate program, the more I have decided this question may be too narrow. Continue reading →

Level Up Your Event With a Custom Filter

Earlier this year, Snapchat opened up its geofilter options to all users. Previously, you could use geofilters based on your location and major advertisers, but no more! Now any Snapchat user can upload a filter for pretty much any reason. Whether you want to celebrate your wedding, birthday, or even ask someone to prom, Snapchat is here for you. It’s not just for personal use, in fact, 60% of purchases are made by businesses.

Friday birthday (1) BREWERY Aulympics 2016

Snapchat is basically a mecca for millennials and Gen Z. About 1/4 of its 150 million daily active users are under 18 while 63% are between 18 and 34. And these millennials love using geofilters. Even if they aren’t totally relevant to them. I made a filter for my birthday in June and it was used 120 in the seven hours it was active. There were not 120 at my party and my friends and I used the filter probably 20 times max. That means 100 other people used my birthday filter in downtown Austin. Over 7,300 people saw it.  Continue reading →

Instagram and Snap Stories: Why People Will Use Both

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 12.00.15 PMI’m sure you’ve noticed by now, Instagram has something new (kind of). Last week Instagram launched a new feature, Stories, that is pretty much the same thing as a Snapchat Story. Instagram already has video, why create another product, especially so similar to a competing platform? The company says stories are going to take away that fear of over posting (and Insta sin). Instagram wants to capitalize on the daily posting people may be doing on Snapchat and get people in their app more. And why wouldn’t they with 500 million stories posted per day. “Instagram has always been a place to share the moments you want to remember. Now you can share your highlights and everything in between, too.”

If they’re basically the same, what’s different?

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August Goals

IMG_4689I’ve set a lot of goals this year, but they are all pretty long-term and overarching. A friend of mine, Chelsea, does this amazing thing where she sets a few attainable goals every month and I am jumping on her bandwagon. Not only does she blog her monthly goals, she also gives a real honest account of if she attained them or not. Her goals cover all different area of her life and I think that makes it all the more fun. Here’s what I hope to get into this August:

  1. Better define career goals. As I transition away from freelancing and into a more traditional work environment, I need to evaluate what I want in not just a position, but in a company.
  2. Take on a new hobby. It’s time I finally pull out the calligraphy supplies I bought and at least attempt to master the craft.
  3. Get back into Pilates. I loved Pilates in college. It’s time I got into the grove and found a studio home in Austin.
  4. Master a new recipe. I’ve been cooking so much more in my new place but I want to learn a new and maybe more bold recipe this month to get in touch with my inner Julia.
  5. Learn some new trivia. In honor of August 9th being Veep Day, I want to try to learn not only the presidential succession (at least the top 10), but also exactly what the cabinet members do.
  6. Work on my fear of flying. Next month I’ll be flying to Charlotte for my sweet Sammy’s bachelorette weekend.
  7. Hit another check point in Duolingo Italian. I have been seriously slacking on Italian the past month. Time to get back on the horse.
  8. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Since my visit home in early July I lost the progress I was making with building my habit of drinking enough water. I’m aiming for 80 ounces a day.

Wish me luck on my goals! I’ll be sharing an update with you all in about 31 days!