Katherine Faulk, a UNC Charlotte graduate, was born and raise in the suburbs of Memphis, TN. After three and a half years in the Queen City, Katherine took her talents to Austin, Texas where she works as a Social Media Strategist and Community Manager.

While in college, Katherine was able to be a part of vastly different corporate marketing teams. From hundreds of members to just 3, Katherine was able to learn the ends and outs of marketing, communication, and social media in fields as different as cloud storage and toys.

Since moving to Austin, Katherine has contracted at local agencies and taken on a slew of clients in varying industries. She worked with dogs, portable phone chargers, and queso- what more could a girl want? Katherine has been able to manage blogs, online advertising efforts, and make a real impact on the brands she has worked on.

Because Austin is such a freelance-friendly city, you can often find Katherine working out of a client’s office or in a coffee shop when she isn’t working at her desk at home. She has also been able to connect with groups of like-minded professionals who share her lifestyle and passions such as the Skimmbassadors, Texas Freelance Association, and the Lady ATX Editorial team.

When she isn’t tweeting, Instagramming, or writing, you can find Katherine exploring everything Austin has to offer, looking for her next article inspiration or enjoying happy hour.



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