Dating in the Land of Apps: Showcasing the Best You

With Valentine’s Day in full swing, love and dating are likely to be on your mind. It seems like the Austin dating scene has been overrun by apps. There is essentially an app or dating site for any and everyone looking for love, and we all know Austin loves apps. In fact one of the first “Women-first” dating apps, Bumble was started right here in Austin by one of Tinder’s co-founders.

Online dating may still seem a little taboo but between 2005 and 2012, 35% of married people met their spouses online according to a University of Chicago Study.With a pretty even male to female population of young, educated singles, it’s no wonder Austin ranks high on most “best cities for singles” lists. It ranks #2 on Marie Claire’s list of best cities for single women (yay us!). So how do you make the most of this dating pool online? You optimize your profile. We’ve done the research to help you showcase your best self online!

Online dating is a lot (it is) marketing. You are marketing yourself to all the singles out there. In any marketing class you learn that the first step in any campaign is to figure out your target audience. What type of partner do you want and more importantly what do they want? If you want to attract someone smart and put together you should show that you’re smart and put together. “When you are in control and think through what you post what you share with others, then you have more control over that energy that you’re bring back to you,” says online dating expert, Devyn Simone, of TLC’s Love at First Swipe

Profile Images

Every online dating site or app has a different number of photos you are allowed to show. No matter how many you can use you want to make sure the photos you choose represent you and all the sides of your personality. Apps like Tinder and Bumble give you six pictures to show potential matches who you are and what you like. The most successful images are different for women and men. But if you look closely you can see a formula that many people follow. Thanks to great resources like Simone and Modern Romance we have compiled a formula for you!
1. A selfie or headshot of you staring into the camera smiling Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 3.27.06 PM

2. A social picture with you and a few of your girlfriends
 3. An action shot showing you do something you love (or do often)
 4. A full body shot that shows of your figure (but not posing provocatively)
 5. Another shot with friends (or your pet) doing something fun or interesting

 6. A travel or adrenaline shot of just you

You can obviously accomplish some of these in one shot like a travel and full body shot picture. But who says you only need one of each. We went out into Austin and took some sample pictures to show you what we mean. ALSO: Your pictures should obviously be of you and no more than 8 months old MAX.

Profile Bio

Choosing what to right in your profile bio is about as stressful as making your thoughts on the Bachelor fit in a tight 140. Simone says you should keep it simple. “If you had to sum yourself up in one sentence or if you had to describe what makes you happy in one sentence, what would you say? Start with that.” Give someone enough to start a conversation, but not so much you have nothing to talk about. A few ideas might be:

  • Social Media Marketer with an affinity for 90s sitcoms and strawberry margs.
  • Yogi by day, frozen yogurt connoisseur by night.
  • Searching for a long-armed gentleman for help with hiking selfies.
  • Hoping to find someone who loves pizza and New Girl as much as me.
  • Writer who’s always down for a cup of coffee and a burger, preferably not together.

Things Simone says to avoid in your profile: profanity, mentions of an ex, too much sarcasm and negativity. Show your interests and personality! Emojis are fun, just don’t go overboard.

Hopefully, these tips help you create a dating profile that not only better represents yourself, but attracts the right kind of partner. If you want to discover more statistics and tips about online dating I suggest reading Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari. Actually, I suggest everyone reads it anyway.

This article is geared towards women’s profiles (sorry guys). If you want to see one for men, let us know! Good luck on all your dating endeavors and happy swiping! Let me know your greatest online dating tips (or stories) on Twitter (@kattals).

This post originally appeared in Lady ATX Magazine.

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