The Business of Business Trips


Last week, I started a new role as a social media and content coordinator at Cornerstone Advertising. This week, I spent a few days in Indianapolis meeting the home team and learning more about the company and our clients. Going on my first business trip was a mixed bag of emotions: excited, nervous, tired, inquisitive, etc. It’s safe to say my first trip to the MidWest and time with my team were a success. I got some advice from some great ladies before embarking on my journey, and now I want to share my thoughts with you!

Most of my trip was spent working with my team. There are plenty of posts out there with tips for business trips, so consider these more like takeaways.

  1. It’s important to get to know your coworkers. If this is the first time you were meeting your team in person, ask them tons of question so you can learn more about not just their personal lives but also their background and what skills they bring to the table.
  2. Using someone else’s money is awkward. Buying things like meals or gas that you will expense makes you acutely aware of how much you are spending.
  3. Enjoy the perks. Nothing beats coming back to a room with fresh towels, a made bed, and an overall clean room that you didn’t have to clean yourself. It almost makes up for the terrible water all hotels have for some reason.
  4. Staying at a good hotel is a major key. My first time in Indianapolis, I found an affordable hotel in the heart of downtown so I could make the most of the city.
  5. Give yourself free time during the day and don’t book dumb flights. Daylight savings made it so that it was dark by the time I left work so I never got to explore Indy during the day. 7am flights are for fools. How often do you get to explore a new city! Go out and see it.
  6. Break out of your comfort zone. Try new restaurants, go to cool events, and be okay being on your own. Don’t miss out on cool experiences because you don’t want to ride solo.

Aside from the business stuff, I also got to know a whole new side of the country, the MidWest! I felt like most the places I’ve lived and visited are pretty much the same. Indianapolis, however, is different. Firstly, downtown is so full of culture yet much cleaner and more peaceful than any other big city I’ve been in. That cultural trail, y’all. From my experiences, the people of Indiana don’t have a sense of urgency, but man are they nice. Seriously, southern hospitality be damned, these Midwesterners are helpful, friendly, and despite their slow speeds, courteous drivers. Lastly, Indiana does fall really well. Get with it Austin.

All in all my trip was great! I can’t wait until I make it back to Indianapolis and wherever else this new role takes me!

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