November Goals


October was a really fun month! I kicked it off with my college roommate’s wedding in North Carolina, went to Austin City Limits, made a trip back home, started my last semester of grad school, and rung in the end of the month with Halloween. The holiday season is quickly approaching which means so is the end of the year. It’s time to get busy. Here’s what I am getting into this month:

  1. Get to chatting. My work goal for this month is to get back in to the Twitter chats I used to be involved with. I’m sure #AdWeekChat has missed me 😉.
  2. Learn a new recipe. In the spirit of Thanksgiving this month, I want to learn a new Thanksgiving recipe. I think it may be corn casserole but time will tell.
  3. Get those steps in. My goal is only 5,000 a day so it is pretty doable. Looks like I’ll be doing some laps around my complex.
  4. Learn some trivia. The election is days away, I’m so nervous y’all. Anyway, in honor of us electing a new President I should learn the other 43 (in order) and the US state capitals. Bonus points for learning political parties of the presidents.
  5. Create an evening routine. Now that I have my skin care routine down (and I hard wake up time), it’s time to integrate other steps to get me in the mind-set of sleep.
  6. Finish Duolingo. I’ve got to get it done with an extra 30 days, right?
  7. Hydrate. Now that I’ve replaced one drink a day, I hope to meet the minimum goal of 64oz per day. I just got a new water bottle from Target with an infusion compartment so hello fancy office water. Today’s special: strawberry cucumber. Share your combos if you have any good ones!
  8. Collect can goods. For my community goal this month I want to collect cans for a local food drive. And not just with me. I’m going to work with others to get donations up.

Here’s how last month went!

  • Get collaborative. ✅ I worked with some great writers to get ACL coverage for Lady ATX.
  • Finish Lean In. ❌ Whoops?
  • Work out more. ⚠️ I did work out more but slipped a little at my goal during the week leading up to ACL.
  • This month’s trivia: Learn all the major league sports teams (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS). Bonus points if I learn all the NFL starting quarterbacks. ✅ There were a lot more teams than expected but I finally got it down. No bonus points, though :(.
  • Try a new work out class. ✅ I went to my first Soul Cycle class! I also bruised my tailbone so…
  • Solidify a skin care routine. ✅ My skin is back under control and feels better
  • Finish Duolingo Italian. ⚠️ I’m getting there you guys.
  • Hydrate.  ⚠️ Soda down, water up.
  • Virtually volunteer. ✅ I did help people with their resumes, but I also helped sign up/confirm registration for over a dozen voters!


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