Social Media Hazards to Avoid


Millennials may be the most socially savvy generation, but that doesn’t mean social media comes easy to all of us. The truth is, running social media for a brand is completely different from running your personal account. There are many faux pas and mistakes you can make that are a much bigger deal when you are the voice of a brand. Here are a few social media hazards and pitfalls you should avoid.

  1. Not having a social strategy.
  2. Not posting in the tone decided by your social strategy.
  3. Not fully understanding a hashtag before posting.
  4. Posting too often.
  5. Not posting enough.
  6. Posting after trends have passed.
  7. Not addressing customer service issues in a timely manner.
  8. Only posting promotional content.
  9. Not adjusting content to fit audience engagement.
  10. Typos.

Many of these social media pitfalls can be avoided by having a strong social strategy. Check out my offering in social strategy for ideas on what to include in yours and get information on how I can help you strategize your brand.

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