What to Look for in a Social Media Pro

Specialist, strategist, manager, coordinator, ninja, guru, there are many different titles for someone who works in social media. Typically, their job duties are the same, manage social media accounts across multiple platforms, report on important social metrics, + engage with the general public.

Hootsuite, a social relationship + scheduling platform came out with eight characteristics you should look for when hiring someone to manage your social media. You should look for someone who is creative,  collaborative, flexible, agile, curious, detain-oriented, social, + who has a sense of humor. These are all great qualities to look for from your social media specialist, however, I would like to add a few more to the list.


Many people think that people who work in social media is just  tweet + pin all day long, but that is not the case. Working in social requires someone with a strategic mindset who isn’t afraid of numbers. Reporting is very important to shaping social strategy + understanding your audience. You should hire someone who isn’t afraid to dig further than follower count + impressions.


I know what you’re thinking, pride is not usually an admirable quality in a person. But, when looking for someone to manage your social media, you want someone who is proud of their work. Anyone who gets excited over 140 characters is someone I’d want on my time. It can be hard crafting dozens of posts a day but if someone loves what they do, they will strive to make every post their best.


This goes along with creativity + curiosity.  Social media is still new + new platforms are coming up all the time. It is important to hire someone who is willing to take risks + try new things. Posting the same old posts on the same old platform will give you consistent results (hopefully) but it won’t see the huge results it could. Someone who is okay with the failure that may come with the risks is important. There are always new things to try in social media + someone easily defeated will hold you back.


There are countless qualities good social media managers (or whatever you would like to title them) should possess. Finding someone who has all these qualities may not be possible, but they are good things to look for in the interviewing + hiring process.

What qualities do you look for when hiring someone to run your companies social media? Comment your ideas below or tweet them to me.

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